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Steel/fairy type, lives for Star Trek TOS and really cute birds. An interest in fairy kei fashion and ocean creatures.

free! pacific rim xover headcanons:

  • all three mikoshiba siblings pilot a jaeger together (I bet their sister is awesome + momo looks up to sei so much).  they spend like 80% of their time hitting on kou.
  • haru refuses to get into a jaeger because it’s too restricting and not free and then he spends an entire character arc angsting deciding to team up with makoto anyway because friendship is as important as swiming.  ps their jaeger has dorsal fins.
  • kou and chigusa’s jaeger is like pastel coloured and sparkly but it has like 1000 house sized chainsaw blades in it.
  • rei and nagisa’s jaeger spends the whole time screaming and pirouetting on the spot because they absolutely cannot agree on an attack strategy and keep trying to get the robot to do different things.
  • rin + sousuke have always been drift compatible but not very good at it because of their Issues.  their drift compatibility improves 100% when sousuke adds nitori into the drift because lets face it everyone’s more or less gay for nitori.

hey followers i want ur opinions on the following shows:

  • hunter x hunter (the new version)
  • monthly girls nozaki
  • samurai flamenco

are they any good?  are the plots decent?  did you enjoy watching them? dare I hope that there are any actual queer characters in any of these?

I am 100% convinced that Makoto Tachibana is descended from Princess Peach

Name: Leonard McCoy

Occupation: Professional MacGuffin



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ball is life

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A dreamy princess home 💕👑✨


my seeds have sprouted and now i have a little friend

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I just want Bucky Barnes to have a Raleigh Beckett style recovery, where he comes stumbling in leaning heavily on Steve but looking away into the distance and sobbing about how he’s broken and he’ll never be okay again…

…and then he takes one look at Steve’s adorable friends Natasha and Sam and like his eyeliner just dissolves and his long hair turns into a perfect dapper cut and he punches Steve in the arm and is like ‘NEVERMIND LET’S KILL SOME HYDRA YEAHH!’