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Steel/fairy type, lives for Star Trek TOS and really cute birds. An interest in fairy kei fashion and ocean creatures.

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"This is amazing," Ruri enthuses, while Chiyo surreptitiously tries to adopt another hyena pup.  "I totally don’t regret putting your entire baseball team in a closet."



open the doop, get on the floop. everybody walk the dinosoop


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(I couldn’t leave this as a single sentence)

"There’s something you should probably know," Hinata says, scratching behind his ear with his foot,  "I’ve been lying to you all along.  I am not actually a werewolf." 

With this, he reaches his clawed hand to his chest and starts tugging at a zipper that Kageyama had never noticed before.

Or maybe he just never wanted to notice.

The body of the werewolf — the body that he’d thought had belonged to his weird friend and pet-thingy — falls aside like cloth to reveal the worst looking creature Kageyama has ever seen.

"I am actually Tsukishima," it tells him.

"Noooo!" screams Kageyama, spiking his lion-taming stool into the air in agony

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When they get back from defending Haru — who remains 100% convinced that making rude gestures at a rival swimmer is acceptable if they say something bad about water, mackeral or Makoto — Mikoshiba has managed to set the pool on fire.

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While L is very glad that someone finally defeated Kira, he is distressed by the way Matsuda keeps juggling all his cakes.


Gotta raise up that Gay-Point-Average

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"Fuck you” Momoi says,ignoring the towering giant’s glower in favour of adjusting her oversized pointed hat, “I don’t care if Aomine is your lucky item, give him back